School of Media and Communication Equipment Borrowing Terms and Conditions

1) I understand that I am responsible, at all times for this equipment, whilst I have borrowed it from Issue and Retrieval.

2) Check basic functionality such as power/batteries BEFORE taking equipment off to your location

3) I understand it is my responsibility to check if booking has been authorised, before attempting to pick up equipment from Issue and retrieval.

4) I will pickup and return the equipment at the correct time.

5) Report any faults/accidental damage on return of equipment

6) I understand that if equipment is returned late I will be penalised for the late return of equipment.

7) Failure to return equipment on 2 occasions will lead to an automatic suspension of equipment loan privileges

8) Abuse of equipment loan privileges is contrary to the University of Leeds “Partnership agreement” signed when joining the university. Co-operation with staff and your peers is part of this agreement. As a result, formal measures can be taken under the “Unsatisfactory Students Procedure”

9) Equipment cannot be used for any projects that have any commercial gain.

10) Non-academic and non-course related use is only permitted through discussion with your tutor, as this affects the public liability and insurance the University covers you for.

11) Equipment being used overseas requires equipment and public liability insurance for its use.

SiSo terms and conditions of use
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